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Published: Dec 20 Posted Under: Design

8 Simple Home Decorating Ideas

Whether you’re adding last minute decorations to your home or having a family decorating party, your home is a great place to make memories. Here are 8 simple yet beautiful decorating ideas to add warmth to your home for the holidays.

Twist on a Traditional Wreath

Instead of the traditional evergreen, try a homemade wreath of citrus fruits. Start with a circular piece of florist’s foam, then use wooden florist’s picks to secure large items, such as oranges, first. Continue with smaller fruit―kumquats, clementine, and limes. Tie with a thick velvet ribbon.

Sparkly Ornament Display

Place vintage ornaments on a cake stand nested with leaves for a stunningly simple centerpiece.

Invite Greenery Inside

Lush greenery draped around the house, especially doorways, creates an inviting atmosphere and a woodsy aroma.

Front Door Flair

Let visitors jingle all the way into your home with sleigh bells tied to the inside of your front door.

Stylishly Suspend Ornaments

A grouping of old-fashioned ornaments hung from the ceiling makes a whimsical chandelier.

Wintery Mix

A window ledge allows for plenty of decorating opportunities. Pine boughs look charming in a large vase, while white starfish can create a feeling of snowy weather even if flakes aren’t falling from the sky.

Casting the Perfect Glow

To create soft, flickering light for a mantel or a table in a dark corner, group inexpensive frosted-glass vases of different sizes, add tealights, and enjoy the glow.

Colorful Banister Display

Show off eye-catching ornaments by threading them with different lengths of thin ribbon or string, then tying to a long, wide grosgrain ribbon wound along a banister.

From our families to yours, may you have a very Happy Holiday Season and a wonderful and prosperous New Year. We invite you to come see our beautiful homes in 2017…may you be decorating and putting your personal touch on one of them during the next holiday.