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Published: Dec 16 Posted Under: Design

Three Benefits of Quartz in your Home

The right countertop for your new home can bring color variants, furniture and room accents together in blended harmony. It is the perfect place to say- this is me! While deciding between your countertop choices, it helps to have a good understanding of the differences between marble, quartz, and granite. This post highlights three benefits of quartz countertops. Enjoy!

1. Captivating Color Ranges

Starting your morning with the vivacious color accents of a quartz countertop will change the way you feel about getting out of bed. Quartz, unlike marble or granite, is manufactured from ground quartz allowing for a wide range of color options. This gives it a unique, luxurious feel you won’t find with other materials.

2. Low Maintenance- Durable

Quartz counter tops are as durable as concrete or granite. This means they won’t crack or chip if a heavy or sharp object happens to make contact. Quartz is also unique in that it does not require sealing- ever! This makes quartz a low-maintenance and beautiful choice for your home.

3. Perfect for Kids!

Unlike granite or marble, Quartz is non-porous which means liquids will not penetrate the surface. This means easy cleanup for every cup of spilled milk. The non-porous surface of Quartz also prevents bacteria and viruses from sticking around in the pores. This makes Quartz a great choice for bathrooms too!

Select homes at The Oaks at Portola Hills have Quartz countertops included with the home. Call our knowledgeable Sales Center today at 949-791-6811 to learn more.


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